socially awkward | two poems

because it is in you

get centred

don’t ever let them tell you who they think you should be

it’ll stain those good pages you read

bend spoons used to stir thought

force you inwards, for a time.

don’t let them dictate how you act in public spaces

staccato speech

in front of everyone

put you housebound for a while.

don’t share what it is you know, they do not know

then attempt to convince those unconvinced in the first place.

it’s within you, not them

and if you let it out, they’ll have you good.


rage in twins 

how much

became too much.

in your dreams

if you

do you?

be still

one true constant, remain

through actions uncontrolled

or otherwise.

the cracks

were the most fascinating

part of any wall

we ever built together.