nomadic | poems

go, go, go

red eye

on a plane, on a plane rising
the hostess refuses to smile;
they won't sell me drink for the whole flight back to Europe

dear neutered body
say hello to a hail mary state of mind.

a sedate window view
of an out of reach dreamer,
pour into me.
it is now the hour to say goodbye.

we were always falling like stars
between clouds that formed a final breath.
the other knew the other
too well.

how you can be volatile and not know.
I shape a heart from a headphone lead
toast a cup of warm water
to no one
to anyone who feels this particular.

the final act
of a born run away
moving through the world at good speed.  



starving can only be done alone.
lovers are quenched by love
twins come in pairs
poets grip, bottles of wine.
suits like coffins, tailor-made
rain drops, never raindrop
a slave does not belong.
she is gone
sweet innocent pop
song after midnight
play once
over and over.
stray dogs never form a pack.
because it can only be done alone.